Commercial Break

My favorite TV shows as a child essentially revolved around anything on the Disney channel. However, I can’t remember enough detail about any of the TV shows to tell you much about them, so I will talk about a Disney channel movie instead–“Pixel Perfect”

I remember sitting on the large sofa in my parent’s living room when it first came on.  The movie revolved around hollographic singers.

Commercial Break- The screen goes blank for half a second then children playing and running around on a playground pop up. Then here comes the jingle “skip-it skip-it skip-it” the pink ball with a rope connected to it appears on the screen. The girls look extraordinarily happy as they pull the loop over their ankles and start spinning the ball around and around as the jump over it. It even has a device that counts how many skips you do! Not only does it come in pink but also in purple.


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