Most memorable…

Game console

The  most memorable game console for me was the Wii.  On rainy days you would just take out the white remote controls and go at it against someone in Wii tennis or boxing.  While it only takes a subtle flick of the wrist to make a serve in Wii tennis, I would play it like it was an actual serve on a real tennis court.  The wrist attachment is specifically important for not letting the remote control switch out of your hands…as I quickly learned when it when flying out of my hands and across the wooden floor the first time I played.  Whenever I played against someone, by the end we usually broke out in a slight sweat.

TV show

I could not tell you much detail about childhood shows because I don’t remember much about them beyond the fact that I watched them. However, I can tell you about my two favorite TV shows of the moment–“House” and “Gossip Girl”. “House” just has a cast of members that are unapologetic in their honesty and humor.  You’d be hard pressed to find a doctor as shockingly funny and as openly harsh as Dr. House.  In fact, I’m pretty sure if there were a real life equivalent of Dr. House, he or she would have been dismissed from the hospital a long time ago. “Gossip Girl” has a storyline that is overly dramatic yet at the same time captivating–one of those so bad but so good shows.  In some cases, watching the characters is like watching a train wreck in slow motion–you can’t help but watch.  I believe it was even claimed by the writer of the series (the book version) that the idea of texting was introduced in the book series before texting was an actuality for the real world.


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