Top 5 Websites

In no particular order:

1. This website is just a collection of the most current and visited articles, websites, pictures, etc. ranked by users. This website tends to be more leftist and secular in nature. It contains a variety of things from the funny to the serious.

2.  I go here to read various news articles and opinion pieces.  It takes from various sources–The Economist, Washington Post, The Root, etc. To me it’s just a smart collection of articles.

3. This is a food website that shares photos and recipes from people’s favorite food, and recipes. I like it mostly for the pictures and it’s easier to pick recipes from this format–looking at the picture first before looking at the written recipe.  Some of the pictures are beautifully taken (unless you hate looking at food, in which case this site is not for you).

4. Who doesn’t go here? I mostly visit this site when I’m bored and have time to kill. It’s a website that provides web videos of almost everything.

5. This site is a collection of heart attack inducing, stomach churning, unhealthy food that people post and it provides some shock value.  Sometimes I wonder if they intentionally create those foods to go on this site or if they actually ate this stuff.  I hope it’s the former because some of the food looks gross.

These are just my favorites of the moment and they change from time to time


Most visited I frequent this site but it’s not necessarily my favorite I go here because I have to not because it’s my favorite


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