Album art analysis

The title “Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge” by the Pierces is perhaps about love/revenge games that people play and the lies they keep to perpetuate them. On the cover of the album lies a snake beneath a cartoon version of the girls who ultimately sing the songs.  The snake, especially its underneath placement, is representative of darker secrets lurking, which ties in nicely with the “Secret” song. Surrounding the two girls are various dandelions, which can represent a sort of wishing, as when we were all kids, we were told to make a wish when blowing on a dandelion.  A different interpretation of the dandelions is that they represent love’s oracle, ultimately determining the fate of what you seek or desire.  This can tie in with the idea of a playing a game. The dandelions, coupled with the snake lurking beneath provide a darker image of love than perhaps one would initially think. This darker image is reinforced through the lyric “two can keep a secret when one of them is dead.”


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