Dr. Seuss

The SneetchesSo I’ve never actually read Dr. Seuss, but for the sake of the assignment, I went onto Wikipedia last night and looked at a list of books and randomly picked one and read a brief synopsis. The book I decided on was “The Sneetches.” In this photo are two sneetches, one star bellied and the other not. In the plot of the book star bellied sneetches are considered superior.  From this photo, a star bellied sneetch is walking by looking up in disdain as he walks by a non-star bellied sneetch. The non-star bellied sneetch looks dejected and perhaps feels that he/she is inferior because of the way they are considered.  I believe this book centers around an ethnocentric philosophy and perhaps racial inequality because of the relationship between star-bellied and non-star bellied sneetches, as is evident by the photo.


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