Paper 2

For paper 2, I was having a hard time deciding between using Shel Silverstein illustrations and poems, or using The Beatles and the movie “Across the Universe.” I ultimately settled on the latter for now, though that could change at a moment’s notice before draft 2.  I did this because I don’t own the Shel Silverstein books but “Across the Universe” is easily accessed online. If I could find more poems like the Shel Silverstein one I analyzed, I might go back to that. As far as ideas go, I wanted to compare the lyrics of The Beatles against “Across the Universe” scenes and discuss how well they incorporated it.  I also wanted to pull ideas from interviews with members of The Beatles when they discuss some of their songs and the inspiration behind it, which will really help in determining how well “Across the Universe” put a spin on their lyrics.  In my first couple pages, the idea I liked the most was the one for “Helter Skelter” representing the rise and fall of society by using a wave crashing down.  I think “Across the Universe” really put a new visual representation of the song and made it more easily decipherable by the audience.


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