I don’t remember a lot of the prints there since I was mainly focused on mine, so I will talk about the piece I looked at instead.

“Mango Mango” by Red Grooms

Grooms-Mango_MangoFor this print, we got the words “advertisement-like” and “playful”.  We thought this could be an ad for a salsa or latin night club.  The reason we thought it was a latin type of music was because of the dress and the color of the background which is the color of the inside of the mango (a tropical fruit, probably found in tropical areas). It was playful because of the vibrant colors.  We weren’t sure what the red and blue outlines had to do with anything but this print almost makes you feel as if you could hear the music that is playing in the background while you look at the piece. Color also enhances an ability to almost hear a latin type of music, and perhaps could represent the beat, and tone of the song that’s playing.


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