Advertisement Invention


It’s an ad for Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro phone.  The phone is black and has a yellow strip of light encircling it.  The background of the ad is just a navy blue background.  There is text pointing out different things you can do with the phone and in larger text it has ‘Consider your life juggled.’

Text 2:

There is small and large text.  The large text brings your focus to what this phone can do for you–juggle your life.  The white text really stands out against the dark background. The shape of the phone looks like it was meant to mimic the iPhone, but perhaps a different audience is intended for it. The yellow strip of light brings your focus to the phone. The colors tend to be more serious colors, perhaps indicating the audience it was intended for.


The target audience is most likely for busy professionals with a family already started up. It is probably designed for an older crowd. You can tell by the text which says: ‘Consider you life juggled’ ‘IM daughter’ ‘Read over presentation’ ‘Confirm meeting address’ and ‘Send friend ‘happy birthday’ email’.  You already know the features of the product because it gives you examples of what you might use it for. In this case you would use it for various aspects of your life, hence multifunctional. You also know that it has a pull-out key pad to make for easier texting and emailing.  You also know that it fits in the palm of your hand and thus can be taken with you everywhere in your mobile, busy life.


The subtext of this advertisement is that this Sprint product will be your lifesaving tag-along, acting like a personal assistant.  It also implies that if you don’t have this product, your life will be a complete mess. It also tries to imply that this phone is easier to use than the iPhone because of its pull-out key pad(I know that some people have a hard time with the iPhone’s touch keypad). This advertisement tries to set up its phone as a rival to Apple’s iPhone and really tries to target its audience to believe so.


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