3 Favorite Ads

Frontline Jakarta Andy Greenaway Juhi Kalia Aryanto Salim Joel ClementThe above advertisement is for Frontline Flea & Tick Spray which lies on a building floor in Jakarta, Indonesia.  This ad was created by Andy Greenaway, Juhi Kalia, Aryanto Salim, and Joel Clement. I like this ad because it’s a refreshing take on getting their point across pretty effectively.  The people walking on top of the ad do look like fleas and immediately makes viewers want to get them off of your dog.  The people, a.k.a. fleas, move, making it more disgusting. I think this ad was particularly effective because it took a non-conventional approach to Frontline Ads, which usually show a normal dog on the cover.  I think the use of incorporating people to be a part of the ad was very clever. This ad is intended for pet owners.

Maxwell House Coffee Wake Up Design Firm Ogilvy Beijing of ChinaThe elevator advertisement above was for Maxwell House Coffee. It was created by the Ogilvy Beijing of China design firm and placed in an elevator.  I really love this ad because it’s such a clever concept and well executed. The coffee sign on the wall says ‘wake up’ right before you step onto an optical illusion that looks like you would fall through the elevator floor.  This ad was effective in that it used a shocking optical illusion to imitate the effects of taking a shot of caffeinated coffee in the morning.  The shock and immediate fear of thinking you are about to fall quickly alert your senses and do wake you up like a cup of coffee.  This ad was so effective that even caused commotion amongst people that actually stepped into this elevator.  The audience is intended for morning hour workers who might need to be alert or take coffee.

The above video was featured on time.com’s Top 10 Health Care Reform Fight Ads.  Out of the 10 ads featured, I felt this commercial was most effective.  The ad is sponsored by AARP’s Health Action Now organization (mostly senior citizens).  I liked this ad because I liked the way they used a short movie to illustrate their point and I happen to agree with the stance they take on Health Care Reform.

This ad does not rely on text flashing across the commercial, but instead uses the image of a health care reform ambulance being blocked off by special interest car groups.  This is what makes the ad interesting and not like the rest of health care ads, which are boring and text heavy. The ad’s message was that special interest groups (like insurance companies and lobbyists) try to use scare tactics to make citizens think their health care will be taken away with the new public option health care plan. When the commercial voice-over said ‘scare tactics’ the ambulance almost got in a car crash, which makes the viewer slightly tense, making good use of visual and auditory elements.  The ambulance is symbolic of the direness for health care reform and how it is an urgent necessity that has to take place now. The ad effectively illustrated how special interest groups get in the way of better health care reform for all by using dark cars to block off an ambulance.

This message was targeted at senior citizens because of all the hype about tea-bag town hall screamers yelling that they want government out of their health care, and insurance companies hope that senior citizens see it that way too.   Senior citizens won’t lose the current insurance they have and they have the option of keeping it or opting for a cheaper/different plan.  Senior citizens also won’t face the supposed Death Panels of government.  The only Death Panels that exist are insurance companies that decide whether or not your life is worth covering when you need it most. And for those senior citizens who don’t like ‘government’ in their health care, take a look at where you are–Medicare is a subsidized government program!


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