Adbusters Ad: Calvin Klein’s Escape

My favorite ad on adbusters was the anti-ad for Calvin Klein’s Escape.  I thought it was a funny portrayal of what the word ‘escape’ actually means and it was especially funny to see the model trying to escape the photo session for the front cover.  In its place you have the shadow of  a large angry photographer shaking his fists.  I also think it was a clever ad to do an anti-ad for, because by portraying the actual meaning, you have also inadvertently hinted that people should Escape and not buy Calvin Klein.

The website is most likely liberal and restrictive on money spending since it’s anti-consumerism. It’s audience would most likely be liberal people of the same sentiment, but also the consumers in general. The idea of an anti-ad connects with this website’s sponsorship of anti-consumerism because ads are intended for consumers.  So an anti-ad would be discouraging and mocking a product or company and through this discouragement, it tries to reduce the likelihood that a consumer would support this product, thus an attempt to bring down sales for the big brand designer name consumerism industries.  Anti-ads and anti-consumerism go hand in hand.



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