The Onion: Anti-ads & Articles

The Onion

Articles are anti-ads because they take a topic, product, or person and put the most ridiculous spin on it, in an attempt to mock the target. Also, the products that The Onion sells are also anti-ads because they make fun of well known products.

One of the products that The Onion makes fun of is the aluminum water bottles they have now b/c of the BPA scare in plastic bottles.  They make fun of how the aluminum bottles advertise themselves as the equivalent of making a major impact on the environment.  The Onion mocks them in sarcastic language saying that buying it makes an ‘unbelievably negligible difference’.  Another product that The Onion does an anti-ad for iPod products, like iHomes, iPillows, etc. so many things have been turned into a speaker device for iPods. Some of these things are completely useless. The Onion criticizes the versatility of useless products for the iPod by creating a ridiculously fake iFeast for pets—the portable pet feeding/watering system for you MP3 player.

onion water bottleonion iFeast














Two articles I found funny were “Television Processed Foods Couldn’t Be More Proud of the Children They Raised” and “Man Pinned Under Car Wondering When Adrenaline Going to Kick In.”  The first one was funny because the TV and Processed Foods companies rely on those lazy people to generate their incomes.  It’s an ironic flip to be praising the laziness of humans, instead of the worked for achievements. The second one is funny because although adrenaline does kick in when you’re under a tense situation, it doesn’t kick in so much that the average person would be able to get out from under a car in the blink of an eye. Adrenaline doesn’t do all the work; humans have to exert actual physical effort too.


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