Free Write:

The first day my parents left was the beginning of freedom. It was time for a fresh start and a new beginning.  There would be no more routine, no more waking up early, and fewer adult figures. Finally, a chance at being independent! As the days went on, I realized that with this new found freedom also came bigger responsibility.  Yes, there were more tests and papers, but I had to rely on myself for things I wouldn’t have done in high school: going to the doctor when I was ill, buying my own groceries, cleaning after myself, living with roommates as well as watching my thresholds when it came to the party scene. While there was responsibility, it was also a period for growth, and with increasing self awareness it was easier to stay grounded and finally get one step closer to true independence–balancing freedom and responsibility on my own. College is a time for more adventures, more opportunity and different situations.

Re-write for High Schoolers

Untitled-1Justification: The message was intended for high school seniors about to graduate. Certain words are emphasized with colors to amplify their meaning.  The shape of the words also symbolizes the meaning–the twisting curves of freedom, the straight caps-lock routines, the towering weight of responsibility and the wavy lines towards independence.


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