OW: “The Poets in the Kitchen”

In Marshall’s “The Poets in the Kitchen”, the writer recounts how language served as a source of power, expression, and art for her mother and extended family (friends included).  She makes sight of how they took the American language and made it their own, common language, that was pleasing to them: “a few raw-mouth pennies” “tie up your belly” “These New York children” “tumbling big” “beautiful-ugly” “free-bee” “soully-gal”.  As the writer grew up with them, knowledge from their use of language was imparted to them. I feel this piece can apply to all of our papers, but for this third one in particular, I would say that the creation of a custom language can be useful when developing your advertisement.  You never know when you can come across a clever combination of words.  It also speaks to the impact and power that words can have when expressing your stance on an issue.  As Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz had said “Language is the only homeland.” While spoken language may be the homeland, visual language is the universal tongue.  Images can speak a thousand words in your anti-ad, while words can amplify them. I think this piece also speaks to audience framing of your writing and being able to communicate in a way that speaks to the people, just as these Barbados women communicated uniquely with each other.


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