Typography Reflection

I feel with each audience you would want to emphasize different things.  With my age group, I focused on not making it too long or dense and visually separated it into different short chunks. I also chose a style and color format that I thought would be interesting, short, and eye catching for students. I chose one font for the entire typography except for the bottom right section.  I wanted to choose something that was easily readable yet not too traditional.  For the bottom right, I chose a very creative and artsy font to signify the real growth of independence and your identity.  Freedom was boldfaced in yellow because it’s a positive word that I wanted to scream out, as if a high school student feels when they finally get that diploma in their hand.  Opportunity, adventure, and diversity and responsibility were boldfaced with different colors to emphasize their meaning more. The middle right was straight and aligned to signify high school routine.  The bottom left section balanced on a single point to signify balance.  The choice of color from bottom to top (dark purple to bright pink) was supposed to mimic how pressure builds up the more things you have to balance in life and it sort of explodes from a single point yet you still need to keep your cool and have it all balanced or everything will come crashing down. The first and last parts were wavy to signify the period of finding yourself, growing and experimenting before you centered in on your true independence.


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