P3D3 Process

The scene: It was a late night as I skimmed through the suggestion and comments of my peers.  Holding a hot chocolate in one hand, I scrolled down seeing what was missing or needed to be elaborated on. 7pm became 9 which became 12, 3, and then soon 4AM.  YouTube comedy sketches and Skype conversations interjected my drafting process; time sped by.

What was changed:  I added a couple paragraphs for the anti-advertisement section.  Some sentences were inserted into paragraphs.  A few sentences were reworded. The introduction was expanded to include a more detailed description of the advertisement.  Websites were hyper-linked properly to avoid looking garish. Audience was considered more in the paper.

What I plan to do: I’ll probably play around with the order of the analysis sections and decide whether or not some things should read side by side or kept as separate paragraphs. I plan to talk about audience more. I plan to expand upon my justification for the fonts, colors, images chosen for my anti-ad. I plan to finish my anti-ad before the deadline.


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